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Something for Every Body

Classes: Classes
Iyengar Yoga


This particular class helps build a strong core from which one can transition into new positions and exercises. This flow centers around control and precision, with a diversity of exercises and modifications to suit a wide range of levels from beginner to advanced. With this class, you will learn and practice the tools needed to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle, while also remaining mindful in every act you perform.



In this class, you will be guided through a series of postures, breath patterns and meditations to relax, realign and reinvigorate your mind and body. This class is a great way to set yourself up for success in the week to come.

Stretch with Block


This class is based on Iyengar yoga, a form of Hatha yoga that focuses on precise body alignment and engagement of muscles to create stability, strength and flexibility.  Asanas (postures) are typically held longer and props (blocks, straps, chairs) are used to fully experience the benefits.  Movement is coordinated with breath to give a mind to body connection.  This class is beneficial for all ages and all skill levels and is particularly beneficial as a therapeutic yoga style to help relieve chronic pain and mental stress.



You deserve & need wise rest.
These classes will offer soft tissue release, intentional mobility & relaxation.
Reset from the work you do or recover from your other fitness practices. This class will offer grounding movement progressions, breath development, and rejuvenating rest designed to support and stabilize your whole self.



Kundalini yoga is a practice that utilizes asanas (postures), mantra, and pranayam (breathwork) to bring balance to mind, body and Spirit.  Fitness and Spirit meet in a fun way to allow each individual to feel like they got what my teacher Ravi Singh would call a "work in."

Yoga Session


A gentle Iyengar-based Hatha practice to guide you into the subtle state of peace that is found through movement and breath connection. Great for all levels, and all ages!

Hatha Yoga


Gratitude Vinyasa is an Ashtanga inspired movement meditation that releases blockages in the central nervous system, stimulates organ health and detox, improves strength and balance while opening the heart to receive light!

Iyengar Yoga Class Triangle


This class is a way is a foundation for body awareness with the support of props.  Each class will have a focus, for example, neck and shoulders and a series of postures will be practiced to connect with and realign our bodies into a new awareness.  Bring your aches and pains and watch them disappear through this guided practice.

Group Stretching


This class is a gentle blend of stretching and vinyasa flows. We will begin with stretching the body to warm up and move into a gentle vinyasa flow, connecting the breath with the movement of the body. Then slowing down and into a relaxing savasana.  This class is for all ages and levels.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Laughter Yoga is a structured and silly way to heighten our awareness of the mind, body, spirit of joy, and inner child. With an open mind, non judgement of yourself and others, and eye contact, our guided laughter exercises will stimulate genuine laughter that bubbles up like a fountain. The typical structure of class is as following— 1. Intro, grounding, & pranayama. 2. Childlike playfulness exercises and chanting. 3. Yoga nidra.

Meditation Class


Weekly meditations will differ in appearance while providing an experience that leaves you feeling zen every time. They will always be guided but could include long periods of silence, body scans, gentle movement, and visualizations. Class is 30-45 minutes long with a suggestion donation of $10. 

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