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Jaclyn Kohler (Anand Avtar Kaur)

Jaclyn Kohler, also known as Anand Avtar Kaur, is a yogini with a passion for alternative healing. Her journey began 6 years ago after losing her father, and the Universe presented her with the tools needed to process in a healthy way via kundalini yoga and more! Throughout the last five years, multiple studies in kundalini yoga have ensued, with both 3HO and Raviana bringing a well rounded wealth of knowledge from many teachers. Jaclyn is also a massage therapist and body worker. An Iyengar influenced hatha teacher training course with Dustin Turner allowed her to continue to connect to her previous knowledge, and incorporate proper body alignment into her classes. As the journey of life continues so will her study of yoga, and alternative therapies as she believes our healing is in our own hands, and we are all here to support each other through the beautiful adventure of Being.

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Lindy Chronkite

After graduating from Oklahoma State University with a Health Science major, I began working as an Exercise Physiologist at St. John Health Club in Tulsa. I then changed careers and moved to Florida, and while there was introduced to yoga for the first time. I continued practicing yoga, but didn't become a serious student until 2010. Not only did it address my physical needs, but provided a certain peace within that helped guide me to live each moment with mindfulness and purpose. Yoga lit the fire of inspiration that propelled me toward finding my true authentic self, and I want to help others to do the same. 

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Gabriel Fleetwood

Gabriel’s yoga journey began in 2017 when he sought mental refuge from a hectic lifestyle. Bouncing between several jobs, he had lost his sense of balance. Yoga brought him mindfulness that has generated peace in all aspects of life. When the desire to deepen his own practice surfaced, Gabriel began to research teacher trainings for that personal growth. Everyone referred him to the incomparable experience and tutelage of Emery Bryant. Gabriel will graduate in August 2020 with his RYT 200-hour certification from Emery’s teaching training, assisted by the extraordinary Cady O’Quinn. While his training and passions have resulted in a more vinyasa-centered approach, he integrates Hatha/Iyengar style into his flows as much as possible. You may also see Gabriel around town in other capacities, as music is his other passion. He currently serves as a part-time faculty member in the music department at Missouri State University; additionally, he assists the marching percussion section at Nixa High School. He is thrilled to be joining the wonderful, diverse team at Omni and hopes to see you in class soon!

Christine Moses

Christine's foundational yoga style and individual-focused instruction create a mind body connection for the student and sense of overall well being. Through asanas and breathing techniques the student can both challenge oneself through Iyengar yoga while also healing the body and calming the mind. Her background includes 14 years of Iyengar yoga training and certification as a 200RYT. Prior to yoga Christine studied and instructed ballet for over 20 years. 


Christy Luker

My yoga journey began on a mind, body and soul mission that started over 20 years ago. As a big advocate of taking care of the whole to heal in all aspects, I began with my nutrition, cleaning up my diet, painting and occasional yoga classes to help with stress & body problems throughout those years, as well as a personal practice at home. It was after I retired from my Cosmotology career of 27 years in 2017 that my new relationship with yoga began. Seeking to go deeper into myself and retrieve what the next chapter for me was, yoga was there again for me. So I enrolled in the Ozark Mountain Yoga teacher training program in September 2018 and received my 200hr ytt in April 2019. Throughout my time in teacher training and since, I have grown to love and respect yoga. It has helped me in many, many ways and my wish is to share the knowledge I’ve gained as well as learn from others seeking to heal themselves.. mind, body & soul.

Denton Heinrichs

Tai Chi (short for T'ai Chi Ch'uan), is an internal Martial Art practiced for its health benefits, defense training, and meditation. Originally conceived as a martial art, it is also practiced for a variety of other reasons greater longevity, pushing hands (tui shou), and demonstrations. We begin each class with Qigong, a centuries-old system involving moving meditation, coordinating slow-flowing movement, deep rhythmic breathing, and a calm meditative state of mind; used for health, spiritually, and martial arts training; Followed by A series of movements based on Yang style Tai chi, the most widely practiced style in the world. Denton began taking martial arts at a young age he has continued to practice for 18 years, along the way becoming a certified Yoga teacher, Personal Trainer, and Nutritionist. Denton has taught Tai Chi at a variety of festivals, yoga studios, and parks in the local area, as well as for the city of St. Louis and BJC healthcare.


Travis Powell

Travis’ focus as a teacher is on classes designed for people recovering from addiction.  He discovered yoga over 20 years ago while travelling around India and Nepal.  The seed was planted there but did not begin to grow until January of 2017 when he entered what is now Omni.  Looking for an escape from the stress and discomfort of a life in active addiction he did not know that the practice of yoga would start to untwist the knots in his physical, mental, and spiritual bodies.   
Travis’ personal recovery from addiction is what motivates him to teach and share the benefits of yoga with those recovering from or impacted by addiction.  He completed his 200 hour YTT in January of 2020 and as of June 2020 will be certified to hold space for Y12SR meetings.   For more information visit Y12SR.com.
The Yoga of 12 Step Recovery sees addiction as a physical, mental, and spiritual disease.  Y12SR helps to connect the dots and create a sustainable platform for addiction recovery.  If you are a part of a recovery community or you just feel like you have been impacted by addiction come roll your mat out with us.

Christine Rogers

I have been teaching yoga for over 10 years and a gong practitioner for 7 years.  My specialty is Kundalini yoga though I have experience in teaching various styles such as: vinyasa, yin, gentle, and restorative.  What I want most to do is to empower people with strength, purpose, and destiny.  Therefore, I love teaching Kundalini and playing the universal sounds of the universe through the gong and other sound healing instruments.

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Marisa Frazier

Marisa Frazier is a Certified Exercise Physiologist, personal trainer, and student and teacher of yoga. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Movement Science, and has been a fitness instructor for over 6 years. 

Marisa received  her RYT-500 yoga certification with the most recent 300-hours in Iyengar-influenced hatha teacher training with Dustin Turner.  

Her classes place an emphasis on intentional movement, functional strength, core, alignment and mobility for spine and joint health. 

Marisa’s yoga practice began as injury prevention cross-training for triathlon, but discovered it also provides many mental and cognitive benefits. She believes in the power of mindfulness for personal transformation. 

Marisa is passionate about nature, environmental activism, and holistic wellness. 

Hanna Atwood

Hanna is a 200hr certified teacher currently residing on a small urban farm in Springfield, Missouri. She delights in spending most of her time outside tending to plants and finding new adventures. You will likely find her in a tree, upside-down, flowing in the sun, or nestled in the grass with book and journal in hand. Since beginning her practice at home in 2008, it has fully transformed her perspective on herself and those around her. Yoga has helped her find the tools required for processing both wonder and grief, as well as learning how to navigate this earthly experience with consistent presence. Hanna focuses on intentional breath and creative movement, feeling deeply into the physical and emotional bodies. Each offering is an invitation to dive into that sacred space with a knowing that you are held.

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Courtney Krueger

"I began yoga five years ago, going to classes with my mom and sister at my hometown studio in Wisconsin. It was so easy to fall in love with the movement, but the challenge of finding fluidity in the breath and focusing the mind was what brought me back to the mat each time. After finishing my 200RYT in the summer of 2019, I've loved watching my students find their strength and grow their confidence by seeing what their body was capable of; either finding the balance in advanced postures or listening to their breath to slow down. Early this year, I completed a Trauma-Based training and an Ayurveda specialist certification to provide a welcoming and healing environment for each and every student. I can't wait to see you all on your mats." 

Warrior One

Classes We Offer

Vinyasa AM Yoga

Monday 9-10:00 am with Gabriel Fleetwood

Wednesday 9-10 with Lindy Chronkite

Thursday 9-10:00 am with Marisa Frazier

Friday 6-7 am with Courtney Krueger​

Vinyasa PM Yoga

Monday 5:30-6:30 pm with Lindy Chronkite
Thursday 5:30-6:30 pm with Lindy Chronkite


Friday 5:15 -6:45pm with Travis Powell


Tuesday 5:45-6:45pm with Christine Moses

Kundalini Yoga

Tuesday 9 am-10 am with Anand (Jaclyn)
7-8:00pm with Anand (Jaclyn)
Sundays 10-11 am with Christine Rogers (Sant Amara)

Gentle Hatha Yoga

Fridays at 10:30 am with Christine Moses 
Saturdays at 12pm with Christy Luker

Candle Light Gentle Stretch

Thursdays 7pm with Carla Notarianni

$5 Queen City Acro

Wednesday 5:30-6:30

Yin Yoga

Mondays at 7 pm with Jaclyn Kohler

Tai Chi

Wednesdays at 2pm

Children's Yoga

8 to 10 years old 

Thursdays 4-5pm

Slow Flow

Wednesdays 7pm-8pm with Hanna Atwood



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